About FiveSeven

FiveSeven consulting offers businesses a modern and innovative way to problem solve, while developing and delivering strategies for success. We are passionate about empowering business leaders to identify and develop commercially savvy Strategic HR, IR and Business pathways. We create outcomes for business that are solutions focused, and provide our clients with lasting value. We listen, and we take the time to understand our client’s business and their individual needs. A focus on collaboration and flexibility means we provide business with a new level of visibility for opportunity and growth. We love tricky questions, new problems and coffee.

Collaborative Problem Solving

The cornerstone of our services is simple – We Solve. We work to unpack and solve Business and People Problems. Whether it’s a simple ‘phone a friend’ or a complex project, FiveSeven allows business to source the support that aligns to their budget and their skills. From performance management solutions to grievance and conflict resolution, FiveSeven can help.

Mentoring & Development

FiveSeven offers flexible mentoring tailored to SME’s and not for profits. From upskilling teams, to building leadership capability, workshops to drive behavioral change, high performance and leadership, compliance, and effective workplace communication; it’s all centred around generating lasting result. We can design a package as individual as your business.

Project Design & Support

FiveSeven works with business to design HR and Business Projects that are clear and solutions focus. Whether its scoping the project, outsourcing the work, or project managing delivery; we can assist with as much or as little as needed. FiveSeven’s Project solutions give small business and not for profits affordable options that enable big business ideas.

Business Support Packages

FiveSeven is committed to providing affordable solutions for small business and not for profit. Our programs allow businesses to design a people support model that meets their business needs, whilst managing costs across a tailored contract term. You can combine ad hoc support for difficult people problems, with delivery of strategy and training – in one affordable solution.

Our Solutions


From grass-roots HR, to leadership and internal frameworks – FiveSeven seeks to design and foster small improvements across multiple areas to effect significant change. Our approach to business collaboration ensures that our clients not only see outcomes, but maximise the opportunity to multiply and develop internal capabilities. FiveSeven is committed to generating lasting value.

About Jane

With a passion for strategic thinking, Jane believes ardently in collaborating with clients to solve their problems through specific, tailored, and realistic advice that supports their business needs. Jane’s strategic capability coupled with her HR and industrial relations expertise allows her to bring new ideas to old challenges. Through FiveSeven, Jane delivers on a long held ideal that the size of a business, should not limit their ability to problem solve like the Big Guys. FiveSeven strives to work with business leaders to tap into their internal capabilities and drive cost effective improvements.

FiveSeven Insights

It’s no secret that we are avid about change, we like tough questions and we like to rattle the status quo a little. It also happens that our founder likes to write! We hope that our blogs connect you to ideas; offer solutions to some of your people problems and inform you on the ever-changing nature of Australian and Global Workplaces. If the blog wasn’t enough information, we also like to talk to real live people!

Contact Us

We are all about the coffee, so rather than fill up email inboxes  get in contact for a chat and the coffee is on us.

Jane McConville, Director

+61 407 749 803