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Solve Audits

What is a Solve Audit?

The purpose of our Solve Audits is to provide you with a clear, qualitative analysis of the overall health and maturity of your current Human Resource Management and Work Health and Safety Frameworks. We look at a range of factors from legislative compliance through to employee engagement.

Combining our proven auditing methodologies with our workplace expertise, we are able to identify potential areas of risk, in addition to discovering opportunities for improvement.

This information gets tied up in a user-friendly report that we deliver to you with both an analysis of our findings and our recommended action steps for optimal performance.

We tailor the process to individual client needs to ensure you gain the most benefit for your situation, timeframe and budget.

What’s involved?

We will talk you through the steps (which we promise are quick and simple!) and meet with you to discuss any specific areas of concern.

More information is gathered from an audit tool and online survey and from there we review and analyse the data. We arrange a time to meet with you, or call if that’s easier, to talk you through the results and recommendations report.

You are then empowered with the knowledge and information you need to eliminate any potential risk factors and initiate best practise solutions to empower your business to reach towards its’ full potential.  

Our Solve Audits come highly recommended by our current group of clients. If you are interested in gaining more information about this service, please reach out – we would love to help you!

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