I’m going to keep this short – and simple!

In a changing business environment, why is HR trying to push the same old sell.

In a world filled with buzz words like ‘innovation’ and ‘visionary’ and ‘pivot’ – we may have missed the mark. With a workforce engulfed in the demands of an increasingly ‘noisy’ environment, there is potential to create something more, with less. It seems obvious, but perhaps simplicity is the answer.

Somewhere along the way, we seem to have forgotten that employees are adults, or at the very least, young adults. So why do we not speak to them as adults, as equals and as peers? Are complex ‘Thou Shall/Shall Not’ HR Frameworks necessary to push productivity; do they deliver results and are they driving engagement? At the end of the day we are talking about expectations. Simple

As business owners and leaders, we have expectations of the individuals we employ. Likewise, those employees have expectations for the business. It is as simple as that. The age-old argument that complex and wordy HR Frameworks are necessary to manage a workforce, seems counter-intuitive to establishing a future-ready business. High performing teams are generally those with a clear understanding of collective expectations and who self-manage through high trust behaviours.  That is what HR should be selling!

It’s time that HR joined the business and become a mobile talent, not a stand-alone team. The management and motivation of people is a skill that businesses need to nurture and foster through simple ideas, designed collaboratively and delivered fluidly.

Your HR and People function has the ability to set the tone for not only your culture, but your agility and longevity in the marketplace. That marketplace will be digital, online and rapidly evolving.

The KISS Principal is timeless for a reason – Simple solves and solving grows.

Jane McConville

With a passion for strategic thinking, Jane believes ardently in collaborating with clients to solve their problems through specific, tailored, and realistic advice that supports....

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