An alien walks into a bar and asks what is the Human Resources (HR) function in an organisation?  

Most people would respond that HR equals admin.

And if this is how you answered the question? You are missing the big picture!  

HR is arguably the most important function in an organisation. HR professionals are responsible for recruiting, retaining and maintaining an effective workforce; and we all know that an organisation is only as strong as its workforce.

I have unfortunately had firsthand experience of working in an organisation who placed minimum value on the role of HR. The problem is that organisations do not realise that this is a problem until it begins impact to on the organisations ability to deliver core business objectives.  

So move on over and give us a bit of space to do our four key focus areas so we can future proof your business:

Recruiting Top Talent

You, and everyone of your competitors, are all attempting to attract the best within your industry.  

So, what’s your honey? What’s your point of difference?  

HR professionals have the skills and expertise to identify staffing needs and are experienced in how to access this talent pool. There are many strategies that can be employed both from a Strategic HR perspective and an Operational perspective that can both attract and provide a direct approach to those top candidates.

Succession Planning: Developing Leaders

We are familiar with the saying: failing to plan is planning to fail. This could not be more accurate when future proofing the leadership of an organisation. Many organisations choose to forgo succession planning within their business and then bear the brunt of the fall out when a key Manager or staff member resigns. Going to the market to attract a replacement is normally the first response but it is rarely the best or quickest option. HR professionals use their role to focus on identifying key performers within the organisation and providing the necessary tools to develop these employees to step up when required.

Building positive Culture

Have you ever worked for an organisation where the revolving door on staff turnover spun so fast that you stopped getting to know your colleagues? Your staff retention is often a good reflection of your organisational culture. A significant focus of any HR department is building positive organisational culture often through Team Building sessions, Leadership development and injecting the values of an organisation into every element of the business.

Performance Management and role satisfaction

It is important to recognise that an organisation is only as good as its employees. For this reason, one of the key HR focus areas is identifying if there are gaps in the performance of an employee and if they are happy in their role. Whilst no manager enjoys having difficult conversations with their employees these uncomfortable situations can lead to amazing outcomes where an employee is able to focus on their personal development and excel in their performance. If there is dissatisfaction indicated in employee surveys or Exit Interviews it will often provide insight to where HR need to focus their efforts and where the organisation is missing the mark.

It is imperative to clearly articulate the HR function within your organisation and to value the input of your HR professionals. After all there is so much more they could offer your organisation outside of administration.  

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