The Capable Manager

We have all been there at some point: working for a Manager, with no management capability. ‘Manager’ so often does not translate into Management Capability.

It sets no individual, and no business, up for success when individuals who are technically great at their job, simply progress to Management. There is more to being a Manager, than knowing the ins and outs of the day to day. For a team, and a business, to succeed we have to focus on making sure we nurture not only the hard management skills, but also the soft management skills.

There are countless articles that have been written about the difference between being a Manager and being a Leader. The reality is they do not exist in isolation. In focusing on being a strong and capably Manager, you are creating leadership skills. One skill is no more or less valuable than the other.

When faced with an underperforming team or team member, it is easy to assume a poor Manager. The real question however should be whether the Manager has received training, coaching or mentoring on their managerial leadership. Translation: has the employer committed to building strong Management Capability in their workforce.

Being a great barista does not translate into success as the CEO of Starbucks! Whilst it might help to have the knowledge of the industry, what is needed is capability to manage process, projects and people – in a way that motivates, leads and empowers others. When an employer creates opportunities for strong managers, they invest in long term business performance and results.

So how do we create Management Capability in our Managers? Why not start with these 5 things:

  • Generate clear and agreed expectations for the role;
  • Create an environment where collaborative problem solving is the norm;
  • Establish mentoring and development opportunities that support strong managerial leadership;
  • Spotlight strengths, and workshop weaknesses; and
  • Recognise, enable and magnify success through measurable goal setting.

Of the above, one of the quickest ways to create management capability is to create collaboration, both internally and externally. Connect your Managers with the right people to help them problem solve autonomously and create leadership paths within your business. At FiveSeven we are commitment to generating lasting value and result for business. We are unique – we collaborate with your business to build an internal capability without external dependence. Want to know how? Contact us!

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