As the COVID-19 Vaccine is rolled out across Australia, employers are being asked to play a role in incentivising and motivating their workforce to get vaccinated.

There have been many possible incentives discussed such as offering Annual Leave, pay for travel to and from the vaccine hubs, monetary bonuses, and access to Sick Leave.

There is no question that if getting the vaccine was made easier, or it came with an incentive that people, who were going to get it anyway, would do so.

What we would encourage business to do is think about either adapting their existing employee-driven vaccine initiatives and treating it the same as other vaccines(such as the Flu). Or in the absence of existing vaccine initiatives, think about how an incentive best fits within their business model and their industry.

Most business will never have the resources of a large companies such as Coles and Woollies, but what they do have is a much deeper connection and understanding of what will incentivise their employees that they can then leverage.

The type of information that flows around vaccines, such choosing or not choosing to have one, medical diagnosis, and personal details are considered Sensitive Information under the Privacy Principles. It is important when collecting any health information that employers are collecting and storing it appropriately.  

Additionally, it is imperative that whatever initiatives are being rolled out do not discriminate against workers, or adversely impact an individual who cannot, or does not wish to, participate in the initiative.

When providing information to your employees we would strongly suggest that you share information from authorised and approved sources, such as a state or federal health departments.

If you have any questions about if you should offer incentives, or what you should offer, contact us at and we would be happy to discuss options with you.

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