Far too many employers dismiss the Code of Conduct as an unnecessary company Policy.  

Whilst this view is partly accurate (if an organisation has a clear articulation their mission, values and principles), however failing to have a Code of Conduct is like having a “missing link”.  Your Code of Conduct provides the link between an organisation’s mission, values and principles with its’ expectations and standards of professional conduct.  

A robust Code of Conduct clearly articulates the organisational values, and links and describes desired behaviour in the context of the defined values. This articulation creates a ‘benchmark’ which underpins all other policies and procedures, as well as a foundation for strong and aligned ethics and compliance.  

Still not convinced you need one? Here are 3 key reasons why that you do:

1. Codes of Conduct guide employee decision-making in line with the ‘company way’.

The Code often acts as an empowering centralised reference for guidance to employees’ on how to approach / act / respond to situations, ensuring their decision-making in situations is aligned with the organisational values and culture.  

2. Codes of Conduct market your company internally and externally.  


Not just an internal document for employees, a Code of Conduct is also an external representation of the organisation and its commitment to high standards and ethical conduct. This is very attractive to consumers and potential employees.

3. Codes of Conduct provide performance benchmarks.

The behavioural expectations described in the Code of Conduct set benchmarks against which individual, team and organisational performance can be measured.

Now you know that you need a Code of Conduct, why not touch base with one of experienced Consultants to learn more, and where to start with developing (or reviewing your existing) Code of Conduct. We can assist you to ensure your organisation’s Code of Conduct is a true representation of your values and principles, and that works for you internally and externally. Get in touch with the team at solve@fiveseven.com.au

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