You are limping into the  last week of work before Christmas and it is very likely that the last thing  you want to do is a “year in review”, but your future (post New Year) self,  will thank you if you do. It may be a cliché to say: to look forward  you need to first look back, but it is not a well-known cliché for  nothing!

Human nature loves  beginnings and endings. We are all about one door closing and another opening, we love a win-win situation. So, tap into this goldmine of value and look back at what 2019 brought to the  table.


Making the Same Old Mistakes - They say that you need to let people make mistakes so  they can learn from them – and that is true. But a mistake is just a mistake if you don’t learn a thing!


Knowing is the first  step, then make sure that you learn enough to make a different mistake next time!    


Reflection in Isolation - By  not reflecting with others you are only reviewing your own point of  view.  Although I am sure that it would  be interesting to review all your own feeling, beliefs and  achievements/failures for the year, but there is a chance (even a small one)  that another point of view could be helpful**

**if only there was a sarcasm font!


Lessons Learnt - Some  business’s even call their review meetings what they are: Lessons Learnt. They are an opportunity to ensure that you and your team are constantly  evolving and improving. They can generate ideas, improve practices, clarify confusion or totally change a strategy for the future. They can also be a place where people are brutally honest about what worked and what didn’t work.  What outside the box thinking was needed, what ducks need  to be put in a row, and what value-add can be provided  for next time?


When You Find Your  Passion You Will Never Work a Day in Your Life - I don’t believe this to be true, but if you find your passion there is a fairly good chance you will be much happier  doing what you have to do every day! So when you are reflecting look at what  individuals or groups remember as the ‘best’ time they had, the ‘best’  client, the ‘best’ project see if there is a way you can take it to the  next level and make these part of the strategy for next year.


It Is What It Is… Feedback -  You may not like it, but it is the best way to know if you are doing it  right. Where did you nail it? What successful ideas did you run  up the flagpole? What things should you put a pin in? Whatever  way you want to put it Feedback is your friend.


And one last final word on The Strategy/The  Plan/The Goal, whatever you want to call it – the ‘thing’ that says what you  are aiming for in 2020:


Quit  worrying about where to start and just start!

You got to be in it to win it.

Actions speak louder than words.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger……. and other such clichés...


No doubt you will over think it, delete it and start all over again.  

And as many do you will have a grand plan  to leap into the New Year with The Strategy that will blow all  other strategies out of the water…


The reality: in February you will finally get around to scribbling something in a notebook before a Strategy meeting…… but such is life.  


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