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Workplace Investigations

In a climate of changing workplace laws, and serious implications for getting it wrong, a well conducted Workplace Investigation is a valuable asset.  The process must be efficient, have a strong foundation in Procedural Fairness, afford Natural Justice and stand up to scrutiny by Fair Work, a Tribunal or even a Court.

Experience Counts.

Undertaking a Workplace Investigation can be one of the most challenging aspects of an internal HR role. Mistakes can happen when the investigator is not properly trained, they are inexperienced, they lack true independence perhaps as a result of previous matters, or they are simply under pressure to resolve matters quickly.  FiveSeven is committed to guiding and instructing HR professionals to undertake Workplace Investigations, with quality reporting and outcomes. Our mentoring and advice services include not only the investigation process, but the practice of making appropriate factual findings and recommendations (where there are workplace concerns or allegations) and providing peer review.

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Misconduct
  • Reportable Conduct

Our Consultants have extensive experience working across a range of industries and sectors locally, nationally and internationally:

  • Aged & Disability Care
  • Professional Services
  • Mining
  • Rail & Logistics
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Education & Child Care

So What Makes Us Different?

We understand that every business is different. Our Workplace Investigations methodology has been developed to ensure that we can provide a robust, compliant and thorough process for our clients and their stakeholders. Our investigations mentoring is aligned to our internal Investigation Quality Standards to ensure our clients benefit from defensible and reliable outcomes.

We are there for you when the investigation is over.

After the Final Report has been submitted, FiveSeven will be there to assist you with finalising the matter. We will be there during the difficult conversations and help you make the hard decisions.We will assist you to implement the recommendations from the investigation and provide you with advice when you need it. 

But Wait…There is More!
FiveSeven will help your business solve complex problems, faster. Whether it is an Investigation or support with tough workplace conversations, we are committed to providing you with simple and effective solutions:

  • Conducting WorkplaceInvestigation Reviews
  • Advice on WorkplaceInvestigations Process (Mentoring)
  • Designing WorkplaceInvestigation Processes
  • Training in WorkplaceInvestigations, Decision Making and Disciplinary Processes
  • Workplace Audits &Workforce Feedback Surveys
  • Project Management of Investigation Recommendations and Outcomes

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