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Are you the best person to conduct your workplace investigation? This is probably the most important question an organisation can ask. The best way to establish if your business should outsource an investigation is to establish the severity of the incident and the risk associated to the organisation.

Consideration should be given to the severity of the allegations to be investigated, seniority of individuals involved, can the rules of Natural Justice, Procedural Fairness be applied and is there potential that Legal Advice may be required throughout the process should all be.

While we would never dismiss in house capabilities of running an investigation, what should be established is if the in house capacity are suited to the current investigation that needs to be undertaken. FiveSeven specialise in undertaking all people related workplace investigations. Our consultants have extensive experience working across all industries including for profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Our Consultants have trained through the Workplace Ombudsman to undertake investigations involving Reportable Conduct and Misconduct within thePublic Sector. In addition we have undertaken the ICARE training for WHS investigations.  

By engaging FiveSeven Consultants to undertake your workplace investigation the benefits are:

  • An external investigation allows an independent professional to undertake the whole process which does not put a drain on your internal resources
  • Our Consultants have the required expertise and training to undertake the investigation and make appropriate findings and recommendations
  • Transparency (lack of bias). Your employees will know that their statements and feedback have been taken into consideration, regardless of their position or employment status and they will feel that the organisation is taking them seriously
  • Confidentiality is continually reinforced throughout the investigation process to all individuals who take part
  • An external investigation can provide unbiased recommendations.

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