The 2020 #Lockdown Challenge (A Native Genius Narrative)

Earlier this year I (Jane) threw out our first #lockdown Challenge to our Team. Not going to lie – I didn’t see anyone jumping for joy! That Challenge was for them to write about their Native Genius (hence the looks of horror!) In reality, I didn’t do it to torture them. I did it because I know they are all under immense pressure at the moment. I know they are all doubting themselves. Their ability to do the daily juggle. I could see them doubting their Genius. Here’s the thing. I know the Native Genius of every single person I work with. It’s one of the first things I see. The exercise wasn’t because I wanted them to tell me what it was – it was because I wanted them to throw a spotlight on it themselves. They are all immensely experienced consultants and professionals. They are experts [that’s why I employ them. That’s why our Clients seek them out]. I needed them to remember THAT. While they were all #lockeddown at home - squirming and procrastinating over the Challenge, I was also writing about their Native Genius. As I see it. I wanted to see if what I saw, was what they saw. As they each sent through their Challenge. I sent them back what I had written – the Outsiders View of their Genius. I loved it. I loved their responses – and with their permission I want to share with you exactly why our Team as so damn amazing – and why as Consultant they are worth their weight in gold [*as are our clients!*] Below for a few giggles – and a lot of insight into #consultantlife for a few of our Team

September 6, 2018

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