Sometimes we Are…Sometimes we Are Not!

Sometimes we Are…Sometimes we Are Not!

It’s true. Some days, weeks, months – we are just ‘Not’. Not engaged, Not motivated, Not filled with the mojo that makes amazing things happen. But here is the thing – that’s actually ok. Sometimes we are momentarily without that spark.
On a daily basis I meet, and work with, remarkable people. They have drive, enthusiasm, and are champions of innovation and change. However, even they are sometimes in the ‘funk’. So, what makes these individuals still the fantastically successful people they are? Experience tells me it is their knowledge that the times they are ‘off’ their game – do not define or limit their overall success and value.

The pace of the modern workplace and business world, for most, means a daily dose of the unknown. During my career, the leaders and mentors whom I gained the most from, have been those who encouraged me to get comfortable with this unknown. With this came the acceptance that sometimes this meant being comfortable with the feeling that I had lost my ‘it’ (just for a moment!). There will be days where the only thing we feel successful at is making it out of the house with matching shoes!

The acknowledgement that I do not, and will not, always feel as successful as I want to be, has allowed me the opportunity to learn some great strategies – to turn those lemons to lemonade!

Success can only be defined by you. Success is a feeling, not an outcome; a journey, not a destination. Celebrate. You alone dictate what must be achieved for success, and you have the freedom to change your mind.  Do not let the achievements and goals of others diminish or define yours. the success of others, but do the same for yourself.

Your MoJo is not an infinite pool. There was a time when this realisation came too late. In an environment where we are told we can have it all, few speak of the price we must be willing, or not, to pay for burning the ‘MoJo’ on all fronts. Nothing is for free, and your health is not a constant to be taken for granted.  Some days we just can’t have it all. Recognise your limits; be comfortable with them and don’t be afraid to share them with others. Few people achieve great things on their own steam alone.

Find your Thing. In case someone hasn’t burst your bubble already – you are not good at everything. Know your strengths and promote them; Notice the strengths of others and acknowledge them. Most people are not filled with motivation, engagement or innovation when they are deep in activities that simply do not align with their strengths or values. Look at where you are investing your energy, the greatest return will come from those Things that spark your passion and core talents.

Timeouts are for more than just 5 year olds. When we feel at odds with our goals and own success, we are not our best selves. In acknowledging this, we have the choice to do something about it. Timeouts create space. And space creates options. Let your actions chose your emotions; and not your emotions chose your actions. Forcing ourselves to persevere through the lackluster times can send us deeper into the vortex. Stop. Consider your choices. Shake it off – but then move on. Time waits for no wo(man)!

Now this is not intended to be a story of woe; or accepting failure. Rather, it is a reflection on self-preservation and the longevity of your Inner Awesome. There are moments for all of us where we are just ‘Not’. In the end, it is the way we acknowledge and move past these moments that helps us create our own personal success story. The lessons we learn along the way, are the tools that make us better colleagues, leaders and collaborators.

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